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Price List

A variety of benign skin lesions can be removed safely and expertly in one single convenient appointment.

The skin lesions that can be removed as part of this service include:

• Moles - on the face and body
• Lipomas - up to 4cm in size on the body
• Skin tags
• Dermatofibromas
• Warts

• Scar revisions - up to 3cm in size
• Cysts - up to 2cm in size on the body, up to 1cm in size on the cheeks and lower part of the face


The cost for removing a benign skin lesion at Staffordshire Skin Surgery is £410. This includes the consultation fee of £75 plus £335 to remove the skin lesion.

Removal of a second skin lesion at the same visit is sometimes possible. The cost to remove an additional lesion can be discussed during the consultation and will depend on the size of the skin lesion and the type of surgery needed to remove it.

In a very small number of cases, we may not be able to remove the skin lesion in this clinic, which is for the removal of simple, benign skin lesions. The most likely reason for this is when examination of the skin lesion raises the suspicion of a skin cancer, or if removal of the skin lesion requires complex surgery to ensure a good cosmetic outcome. In this situation, you will be given advice on the alternative treatment options, and only pay the consultation fee of £75.

Histology Analysis
Most skin tag, warts and other benign skin lesions are easily diagnosed on clinical examination. Sometimes the diagnosis is not clear, or national guidelines advise that the skin lesion is sent for histopathological analysis. There is an additional charge of £210 for histopathological analysis.

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