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Price List

A variety of benign skin lesions can be removed safely and expertly in one single convenient appointment.

The skin lesions that can be removed as part of this service include:
• Mole removal
• Cyst removal
• Lipoma removal
• Keratosis removal
• Skin tag removal
• Wart removal

The cost for removing a benign skin lesion at Staffordshire Skin Surgery is an all-inclusive price of £350. This includes the consultation fee of £75 plus £275 to remove the skin lesion.

In accordance with nationally recognised guidelines some skin lesions will be sent to a histopathology laboratory to be checked and patients will be informed of the results. Brown, pigmented moles that are removed by excision need to be analysed. There is an additional charge of £210 per histopathology analysis.

Removal of additional skin lesions at the same visit is possible, depending on the size of the skin lesion and the complexity of the surgical procedure. The cost to remove additional lesions can be discussed during the consultation.

In a small number of cases, removal of a skin lesion requires complex surgery or it may need to be removed by another method such as laser. In this situation, you will be given advice on the alternative treatment options, and only pay the consultation fee of £75.

For more information, or if you wish to make a booking please email us at or call Staffordshire Skin Surgery on 01785 747247.